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Data Ingestion

Ingest data from anywhere

Ingest data from any platform into your BigQuery data warehouse.







Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

AWS Redshift

AWS Redshift




and many more...

Ingest data from anywhere.

Ready-made connectors

Blast contains ready-made connectors that can be used to ingest data from any platform into your BigQuery data warehouse.

Ingestion at any schedule

You can include data ingestion in your pipelines right away, and run them when the data is ready to be ingested.

Growing list of connectors

When you need a new platform, we will build it and make it available for you.

3 months free trial

During our beta period, we offer 3-months free trial and help you build your data warehouse for free.

We will not send you any spam, real human-beings will contact you.

Data Transformation

Transform your data with SQL

Build data pipelines just by your SQL queries, and expand with native Python support where needed.

Run anything, anytime

Real-life data problems are hard, we get it. You need to run a SQL in your DWH, another one in some other database, a Python script over there maybe.

The comfort of SQL

Build any data asset in your data warehouse just by using SQL. Do not worry about scheduling.

Run Python code

Run Python tasks along with your SQL assets, in the same pipeline. Train your ML model, fetch data from an API, do anything you'd like.

Data Quality

Ensure the generated data is always accurate by using the existing data quality tests, and get alerted if something goes wrong.

Focus on your business

Built-in data quality, documentation, data catalog, and more. Blast is designed empower you so that you can focus on what matters, your business.

Managed Infrastructure

You don't need to worry about the infrastructure, Blast will automatically provision the required resources for you.

Documentation & Data Catalog

Keep your documentation together with your code, and automatically generate a data catalog for your data assets.

Automated Notifications

Get notified when your data assets fail, or when they are ready to be used. Slack, Discord, email; you name it.

Mixed workloads

Serverless Python

Run your Python scripts natively in your BigQuery data pipelines.

Any Python version

You can run any Python version in your data pipelines natively. We support all the officially supported Python versions.

Scale up or down

Do you need 16GB of RAM? No problem, just scale up your instance size.

Isolated Environments

Every script runs in an isolated environment, no more dependency conflicts.

Stored in your Git repo

Python scripts are stored in the same pipelines as your SQL assets, no additional setup needed.

Managed Infrastructure

You just focus on your scripts, we take care of the infrastructure.

No vendor lock-in

Blast scripts are just Python scripts, you can run them anywhere. No Blast-specific code is needed.

Secrets Management

Your secrets will be securely injected to the running scripts as part of your pipeline.

Custom Docker Images

Use your custom Docker images to run your scripts, even the private ones.

Governance & Observability

Keep track of your costs

Your DWH should not be a major cost-driver for you. Using Blast Data Platform, you can get actionable insights into your cost drivers on Google BigQuery.

Control your BigQuery costs

Running your queries on top of Google BigQuery can get quiet expensive. Blast Data Platform helps you to view your costs by task, query, user and project breakdown.

“An external consultant was running a query that costed us $1200. Thanks to Blast's alerts, we were able to quickly find and mitigate the issue.”

Maria Sneed, Head of Data
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Get started for free

Blast offers all the features for free during the closed beta for a limited period, book your demo to reserve your spot.

We will not send you any spam, real human-beings will contact you.

Deploy faster & safer

Validate all your queries before deployment

Open-source Blast CLI validates all of your queries via a dry-run to catch any errors before actually running them.

Frequently asked questions

Blast Data Platform is an end-to-end data platform that allows you to build data pipelines without writing any custom code other than your business logic. It includes data ingestion, scheduling, cost tracking, data catalog, quality checks, and more. It replaces Airflow, dbt, Airbyte and similar tools altogether.

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